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Digital Signage

Attract, Inform, Captivate

With ELB's large range of innovative digital signage products and solutions, you can quickly and easily transform static point-of-sales information into flexible and fully dynamic content.

Choose from a variety of affordable display options, including high quality LCD screens, video wall cubes, or high-performance display controller boards and watch as your customers are immediately drawn to your digital content. With ELB's digital signage solutions, your point-of-sales content comes to life.

Using our innovative content management tool, you can store, transmit and update all of your digital information in one convenient location. Whether your digital signage needs are large or small, simple or complex, we have a solution for you.

NEC Digital Signage

The NEC Live Media Player provides a premium multimedia experience with fluid high-definition video playback capabilities in a slim, compact system.

The NEC Live Media Player is an integral part of the NEC Digital Signage Solution, fitting neatly and
 discreetly behind your flat panel installation. It also includes a mounting kit for easy wall attachment. The NEC Live Media Player is compatible with almost any display resolution, including full high definition (1920x1080). It also boasts a powerful NVIDIA ION graphics processor and an energy efficient Intel Atom processor.

Cisco Digital Signage

Cisco Digital Signage is a complete platform for interactive media that includes endpoints, management and services, so you can select the right solution for your needs. Designed to go well beyond static information display, Cisco Digital Signage brings innovative experiences to life, demonstrating the true power of engagement.

Cisco Digital Signage is a complete, network-based platform and a set of solutions for creating compelling digital signage experiences. The scalable, network-based Cisco Digital Signage platform includes endpoints, management and services, so customers can now easily deliver and manage applications to communicate, connect and engage.


Designed exclusively for digital signage, BrightSign’s slim OS delivers superior signage capabilities and exceptional 4K and Full HD video quality with a solid-state platform offering you Exceptional Capabilities. Infinite Possibilities.

The BrightSign PC-class solution delivers the absolute highest standard of reliability and affordability without the PC hassels. The BrightSign media players also provide a green, energy-efficient device that consumes less power to help keep operating costs down.


The Karora Content Management Solution (CMS) integrates with Cisco Digital Media Systems (DMS) to provide additional functionality, streamline content creation workflows and simplify scheduling.

Karora provides an easy-to-use interface to ensure that dynamic content generated from a variety of sources (news, weather, localised messaging) is delivered to multiple and specific screens for a display that is unique to each location. Key Features include Asset management, Deployment management, Dynamic messaging and Workflow approval.


Panasonic Interactive Signage Solutions are perfect for supporting small, medium and large interactive digital signage deployments, while addressing the challenges of content development and management.

From basic installations with one location and a limited number of displays, to multi-screen, multi-location deployments, Panasonic offers fully scalable, end-to-end packages that are tailor-designed for your business. Panasonic Streaming Media Players also feature a Built-in Wi-Fi, Built-in Web Browser and Miracast so you can stream movies, images, music and more from your smart device to your large screen LCD.

Matrox + VuWall

Matrox products allow you to run compelling dynamic content across multiple displays in many different ways—effectively and elegantly. Choose between video cards, external multi-display adapters, video wall controller boards, and AV-over-IP devices.

VuWall Technology is a powerful software solution for the operation of large screen systems and multi-monitor systems. VuWall provides operators total control over all connected signal sources and offers collaboration, distribution and interaction of information in control rooms and presentation spaces in a highly efficient way.


The Appspace information management platform allows you to aggregate multiple sources of information into packages called “apps” which are then distributed directly or via distribution networks to an array of endpoints.

Your apps can be a complex combination of text, photos, live graphs, information from public or private web sites, and recorded or live video. Using the Appspace APIs you can build highly customised apps, including custom workflows to support content updates and approvals that integrate with your own business applications.