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Nureva Span Systems

When success depends on your next great idea.

Whether you need to elevate your innovation processes, or empower students to become lifelong learners, Nureva offers the right solution for you. With a Nureva Span system, you can transform any traditional space into a tech-enabled environment where collaboration is easy and inclusive.

A panoramic projector provides an expansive virtual canvas where teams can capture their thoughts, share them, and actively collaborate by grouping concepts, refining ideas, and creating a deeper understanding.  Available in single or dual systems, Nureva Span allows everyone in the room to see and participate simultaneously, either directly on the canvas or at a distance using their personal device.   

It's collaboration for the digital generation - familiar, simple, flexible.

Span Ideation System

New ideas keep you in business. That’s why teams everywhere collaborate in meeting rooms, scribble on flip charts and paper the walls with sticky notes. The Nureva Span ideation system brings this proven process into the digital age. Move beyond the familiar process of collaborating with sticky notes and flip charts and go digital. Capture notes and images as artifacts you can edit and manipulate. Share, group and iterate concepts effortlessly. Incorporate real-time contributions from remote colleagues. Step back to see the big picture. Keep iterating. It’s really that easy.

Span Classroom Collaboration System

Adopt a new approach to collaboration with a system that combines a panoramic projector with cloud-based software and personal apps. The Span classroom collaboration system helps students capture their thoughts and share them on an expansive canvas. This facilitates active collaboration, empowering students to refine ideas, organize concepts, and glean deeper insights. With the Span system, students can develop the critical skills they need for future success including communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.