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Software Solutions

Get More Out of Your Technology Assets

Technology is more than just the nuts and bolts that come together to create a product. To get the most out of your valuable technology assets, you often require effective system and application software. Software is the glue that helps streamline inputs, maximize outputs, and achieve overall success.

ELB offers a small range of software-as-a-service (saas) products to maximize your technology investments. All of these products are available in the cloud, making them incredibly easy to access, maintain, and afford. Ideal for use on our interactive, video conferencing, or wireless technologies, these software services enable you to create, collaborate, and communicate like never before!

Prowise Presenter

Today's interactive presentation software must offer convenience, maximum integration, and superior functionality. Prowise Presenter is a presentation application that offers all this and more!

Available on the cloud, there is no installation, updating or maintenance required. Create presentations, lessons, group activities, or individual assignments easily with any internet-enabled device. Seamlessly integrate digital content, share files, or incorporate materials from other popular applications in seconds. Or enjoy the following built-in tools:

  • ProConnect - create live interactions with any internet-enabled device. Instantly share screens, collaborate on activities, or transfer content.
  • ProQuiz - create tests, polls, or performance evaluations, share with your intended audience, and instantly collect results.

CodeWise is a software tool that allows teachers to instruct students on how to program. It offers a graphical and fun way to write code digitally.

First, students select a character and background. Then they can start creating their own code by simply dragging and dropping action icons to/from the code field. Once complete, students press the start button and their character will behave in a manner consistent with the program they have coded.

The CodeWise programming tool can be accessed completely free of charge from within Prowise Presenter.


MeetSmart is a cloud-based video communication service that transforms the way you work with a professional high quality virtual meeting room.

MeetSmart allows seamless video collaboration across different networks and between a wide range of solutions, including conference rooms, desktops, mobile devices, and digital media screens. You can participate in MeetSmart sessions from anywhere using any internet-enabled device.

Never has video conferencing been so easy and affordable for organizations big and small. Sign up today and start collaborating in minutes!