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Wireless Technologies

Connect and Collaborate With Ease

Connecting, engaging, and contributing wirelessly is a powerful and often necessary requirement in today's digital age. Not only does it provide the freedom and flexibility for full mobility, but offers an increased level of safety and security. No cables, no stationary hardware, no large or heavy hardware.    

ELB offers a range of innovative wireless products to bring a new level of freedom and functionality to any classroom, meeting room, or work space. Experience the freedom for yourself!

Prowise Chromebooks

Prowise Chromebooks are the ideal solution for any classroom, office, or home environment. Whether you're looking for a powerful yet compact personal laptop, or a collection of long-lasting 1:1 student devices, these Chromebooks offer many industry-leading benefits. With their stylish, lightweight, ruggedized design, a 10-hour battery life, and an impressive 3 year warranty, they represent the very best in quality and value. Choose from the feature-rich Pro Line with its 10-point multi-touch screen and 360 degree hinge, or the value-priced Entry Line with all the benefits of the Google Chrome OS and more. Incredibly easy to use, always updated with the latest software, and available at an attractive price, why not enjoy the benefits of a Prowise Chromebook today?

Prowise All-in-One PC

The Prowise All-in-One PC is the first of its kind. An award-winning, multi-functional solution, you can transform the interactive screen from a desktop into a mobile tablet in no time. The ideal mobile solution, it features a 21.5 inch viewing screen, built-in front camera and microphone, 10-point touch, 3 hour battery, and full 3-year warranty. With its lightweight yet durable design, you can easily and conveniently present content, conduct video conferencing sessions or interact with an audience anywhere to bring group collaboration to life!


Giving you the freedom to work in the way that suits your needs, Gyration wireless keyboards and mice are the ideal solution in the conference room or classroom.

Gyration products have been revolutionizing the industry with a comprehensive line of next-generation user interface devices that take advantage of Gyration’s proprietary motion-sensing technology to produce reliable, seamless, interference-free operations.

Gyration wireless products include the Gyration Air Mouse GO Plus, the Gyration Air Mouse Elite, and the Gyration Air Mouse Mobile computer mice, in combination with state-of-the-art Gyration wireless keyboards and wireless accessories.